Monday 26th-Wednesday 28th of October:



What is it to collaborate? What are the minimal conditions that put oneself to work vis a vis an Other? What are the compositional strategies that one employs? How can one expand those strategies? We will be looking at compositional processes such as re-appropriation, trans-creation, re-constellation. We will employ techniques of peer to peer learning. What kind of professional exchange formats can we invent? We will work with feedback techniques (dasArts method) and development of formats of co-thinking; co-working; co-affecting building companionship through work.

About Siegmar Zacharias:
Siegmar works in the practice and theory of performance. She is working in situations of embodied thinking together through matters and matter. This practice collides approaches from philosophy, with pop culture, science and parascience. Observing and realising the entanglement of the relations of human and non-human actors in different constellations into an ecology of performance. Her works have been shown internationally and she teaches at universities and institutions in Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Sydney.

The workshop is made possible by Danish Actors’ Association, WORKS AT WORK and The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

Time: 13.00 – 17.00 every day
Place: The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Phillip de Langes Allé 3, 1435, København K
Participants: 12 performing artists
Free admission – but sign up necessary
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