White Horse (DE/CH)


21.00 Friday 28. October – Dansehallerne – Lille Scene

“We didn’t have an opinion, yet wanted a revolution. We cried ourselves empty of all pathos and laughed at the utopias we didn’t believe in. We got high on hard work and blind faith. We were both victim and perpetrator. We borrowed heroic bodies from the past to squeeze out their sweat, quench their blood-thirst and trace down meaning. We found ourselves intoxicated by euphoria and banal spasms on an empty battlefield. We were left without a cause to fight for. We are ready to surrender – yet we don’t know to what.”

Nearly 10 years after making the piece, the wish to surrender remains. How will our older bodies deal with the wish to waste ourselves, to give it all? How will that be perceived today as what’s worth fighting for has changed in the world as it is now?


“Trip” is an emblematic choreography performing the horrors of grouping: homogenous masses, collective hate, exclusion.


White Horse – The collective

White Horse is a collective founded by Chris Leuenberger, Lea Martini and Julia Jadkowski. All three studied among other places at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) and are currently based in Berlin and Bern. “Tripd” was their first collaboration, “Romance” and “Groupies” followed. The aim of the collective is to approach social phenomena and their resulting questions in a performative and physical way. White Horse wants to challenge the audiences’ reception a theme on a personal level, stimulated by an experience. After not working together for 5 years, White Horse takes on the challenge to perform Trip again, united by the wish for surrender.



Trip is a production of Freischwimmer Festival 2008, in coproduction with Frascati Amsterdam. With the generous support of School for New Dance Development (SNDO) and Sophiensaele Berlin. The resumption is a production of Chris Leuenberger Produktionen.

Choreography White Horse (Julia Jadkowski, Lea Martini, Chris Leuenberger) Performance Julia Jadkowski, Lea Martini, Maria Mavridou
Sound Coordt Linke
Outside-Eye David Weber-Krebs
Light Fabian Stemmer (concept for light also: Jan Fedinger, Attila Nemeth)
Costume Daniela Thomsen Nickau (concept for costumes: Theresia Knevel) Production/Touring Chris Leuenberger Produktionen Bern
Production Sabine Jud. The resumption of “Trip” is a production of Chris Leuenberger Produktionen with the generous support of Pro Helvetia.


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