Lydia Östberg (SE), June Lysjø (NO), Riikka Laurilehto (FIN)

one 2 one

19.00 Wednesday 28. October – Dansehallerne

19.00 Saturday 31. October – Dansehallerne


The work is based on a translation of two fragments, one on perception, the other on measure, from Henri Bergson’s “Matter and Memory”. One 2 one was created during four weeks of compositional and choreographic classes as an ongoing study at The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

The score resonates performing theories, playing theories, theorized performance geometry, symmetry, repetition, mirroring, deconstruction, fragmentation, living archives, re-enactment and redoing-as doing again.


Lydia Östberg (SE), June Lysjø (NO), Riikka Laurilehto (FIN) are dance/choreography students in their 3rd year at the The Danish National School Of Performing Arts.

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