On our way home … if we ever get there

Evening reflection #2

Who can afford speaking about work? Most often it is the one who is not … at work. Or, may it be the one who has an employment?

Tonight’s performances were clearly connected to the conditions on which they were created.

All the seats were taken.

– This is what I do to feed my son, Mamela Nyamza sais, making it clear for everyone that she is not there only to present her piece, but also to be able to continue doing it. The notion of the precariat still has to be pointed out in the black box, if it is to really be seen. But, according to Bojana Kunst, the black box isn’t even needed; it is there anyway, in the wardrobe, at the kitchen table and in the bathroom. Always at work, on stage. I write this in my bed.

Kieth Henessy is quite frank. He prefers working in the same space as he lives. I tried that once, and got mad. Henessy underlines the need of collectivism, a point on which I agree with him; we can do it together.

I attend if you do. Then we can discuss it all on our way home … if we ever get there.

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