My encounters: Group Works #2

Opening statement Collective Pace “RISK”

Tonight we enter a new phase.

The collective as a predefined project has drained us.
It has gone too far.
We have let our collective visions become contaminated.
Contaminated by our inherent desires to satisfy the structural mechanisms.
Contaminated by demands of art production.

Our art and wellbeing needs a structural economic detox.

These are not my words, but an excerpt of the opening act from the Danish collective RISK. As a framework both in regards to the collective movement RISK’s future and the focus points of this year’s festival the thoughts presented in opening statement touches upon a lot of the complexity of the structural “building” art works, art audience, art presenters and art supporting systems have to relate to these years. It is of no news that art workers both in the context of their non-employment, no-social-rights and no-social-security freelancing has become a wet dream for the neo-liberalistic working model. At Works At Work the search of new ways of organizing artistic practice and artistic work is concerning the “workers” in the field of art: the artists. It is a bottom-up “revolution” where the workers/artists change their working modes to set a good example for society and thereby change the system in a positive direction – no more gentrification and neo liberalistic wet dreams. Somehow it makes me think about the already existing structural landscape that surrounds the artistic modes of living. The structural piece-eater that demands to be feed like production houses,  venues, festivals, art councils, cv’s. How to change that? RISK is going to have a year of contemplation.

A year of not writing artist bios that make us look economically attractive.

A year of acknowledging that through our actions and productions, we have maintained the same structures that we are criticizing.

The opening statement of RISK and of the festival makes me look forward.

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