Catalina Insignares Martinez (COL) & Else Tunemyr (SWE)

sweet new styles 

sweet new styles


Duncan Delivery Service

sweet new styles  sweet new styles

19.00 Wednesday 28. October – Dansehallerne

19.00 Saturday 31. October – Dansehallerne

It is a piece where cryptic medieval text and dancing (but not medieval dancing) are resisting virtuosity through effort, excess and brilliance. In vain.

Duncan Delivery Service

Friday 30. October – whereever

Duncan Delivery Service is a two-dancer performance in the form of a delivery service. The dancer-delivery team offers short dances choreographed by Isadora Duncan re-danced in the area of Vesterbro, two Isadora’s for the price of one! With a disaffected approach towards the past enabling the audience to experience a piece of art as a short, easily consumable bite size of dance history. Duncan’s famous presence in the French bourgeois salons is ironically twisted into contemporary mass-consumption society and transformed into a multiple sellable copy using an exaggerated version of Duncan’s own economic strategy – Isadora in a box, Isadora to go.

To order your Isadora moment with Duncan Delivery Service: look out for the flyers spread out at the festival centre in Dansehallerne.

ABOUT: Catalina Insignares Martinez and Else Tunemyr have been working together since 2013, when they met during their MA studies in Choreography and Performance in Gießen, Germany. Catalina likes to make performance pieces which question production systems in art and choreography and Else wants to create a system which shifts the focus away from the representation of the dancer and instead looks at dance as a form. Their interests meet in how dance as form may stand as an independent player in performance.  A common friend explained their work with “the best performances come from good people making a joke”.

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