Lisa Östberg and Kim Hiorthøy (SE)

Black Warrior

19.00 Friday 23. October – Inkonst, Malmø


What is a performance? Is it action? Is it sex? Is it a pencil made by the Sanfor Corporation in America? With Black Warrior, Lisa Östberg and Kim Hiorthøy takes you through everything you need to know about what a performance consists of: Props, ideas, location, subtext, even expectations. Nothing is spared, everything is laid bare. With easy-to-understand illustrations, fun songs and penetrating logic, Black Warrior will change the way you think and feel. Forever. There is also a Spanish course.

Black Warrior is presented as a ”warm up” to the festival WORKS AT WORK: duo works which takes place October 28th – November 1st at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen. After the performance there will be an artist talk with the duo and Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, artistic director at WORKS AT WORK and part of the duo Chuck Morris and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, dramaturge for the festival and part of the duo two-women-machine-show.


“In Black Warrior Lisa and Kim play with representation, fiction and the expectations of the audience. It’s about the idea of how to make a performance and describing something but at the same time being the thing that you are describing. How things are also present in their absence. And what is a performance, really? As they say it’s not easy to know what people expect.”


Black Warrior is the second piece in the collaboration of Hiorthøy and Östberg. Their process often consists of explaining ideas to one another, ”what if…” then getting up and trying to show it to the other person. Quite often staging starts with a joke that gradually wears off, more or less, but sometimes not at all. They also use the stage as a place to turn their own joie de vivre and excess of ideas (in combination with lack of time) into just getting to do what’s simply fun, like learning how to play the drums, or make some silly musical number about conventions. Conceptual art is frequently discussed during their work process. The framework of YOU and Black Warrior is about learning (Spanish or playing drums).

Lisa Östberg makes projects for both stage and screen. She was educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and has worked with contemporary dance, musicals, theatre, film and television. Östberg wrote the screenplay for the award-winning film Certain people and is currently developing a television-series for Swedish Broadcasting (SVT). Her solo-work Who Can Tell The Dancer from The Dance will tour Sweden in the fall.

Kim Hiorthøy is a graphic designer, artist and musician from Norway. He was educated at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Visual Arts in New York and the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. Hiorthøy has written music for dance, released several records of his own music on the label Smalltown Supersound and has worked as a cinematographer.

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