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Realization: Kasia Wolinska
Guest appearance: Mary

…and the hungry people will come from all around to listen to the joyful announcement. The sweet “hi” will be heard around the whole valley and will be carried through the seas by hundreds of the white rabbits. And the earth will shake out of the sweet sweet excitement. And great will be the patience of the crowd. And sweetly will it be rewarded. When She will come. If only… (come, there’s gonna be food)


Kasia Wolinska was born in Gdansk. Kasia has one white rabbit and one grey rabbit. They live separately. She’s one of the leaders of the international organization the Church of the Banana. Since January 2013 she has devoted herself to the Hi Mary practice. She has had many great teachers. Kaisa currently studies in Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin and has a bright future ahead of her.

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