Is this my project?

Kasia Wolińska points at the horizon, expanding it, transgressing it. She is involving others, waiting for others. When waiting for inclusion, for a collective, she actualizes the possibility within listening. How to listen to yourself as if you were another? How to make the waiting, wishing an actual inclusion; that is practiced within the listening.

Wolińska insist in waiting, as a non-passive, non-productive action. She lets the someone of significance be the one who is not yet there – and who may not come, either. The one who was suposed to come.


She is never standing up.

She lies (down).

Let’s regard eating as a collective way of becoming – where the sharing of food serves as a sharing of what is yet to come. A struggle within the process – a try to remain within it.

How to suspend the suficicanty of still not doing, Wolińska asks. The project horizon is sharp.

But, is there a necessity of becoming? To come together.

– We shall overcome, said Birgit Friggebo, head of the Swedish culture departement 1992, during a debate on rasism in the Stockholm suburb Rinkeby. She proposed the assembly to sing.

She didn’t lie.

It simply wasn’t her project.


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