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This is no longer an add-free blog. I will have to advertise a few things. Mainly books.

First in line is the recently published Artist at Work – Proximity of Art and Capitalism by philosopher, dramaturg and performance theorist Bojana Kunst.
Kunst was present at the first edition of Works at Work where she gave a lecture on solo work and took part in the symposium with political theorist Isabell Lorey and contemporary dancer Kasia Wolinska – moderated by art historian Mikkel Bolt.

Kunst is a pioneer when it comes to addressing issues surrounding the conditions of artistic production today and questioning the autonomy and power of art in a Neoliberal context.
Precarity in relation to artistic labour is a central issue in her writings – an issue also very essential at Works at Work – perhaps more so last year with the theme of the solo worker – but certainly also this year in relation to collaborative work- and economy conditions.


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