In the lecture Bojana Kunst would like to reflect how contemporary cultural and economic conditions are influencing the production of solo work and how they are also intertwined with the very specific notion of the authorship. As an artistic format, solo work has a long history in dance, which was often related to the specific mastery of the ´one´. But solo is also a tricky format, which does not need to be primarily related to the originality, but to the series of falsifications, repetitions and undoings with which it can shatter the notion of the authorship itself. Nevertheless, Kunst would like to show, the allure of the ´one´still stays, but it is today somehow differently framed and exposed. It is related to the exhibition of an artistic persona; to the specific capacities of such persona, which is showing solo projects on the nomadic, residency driven and flexible market. Kunst would like to reflect upon several connections between the aesthetic reflection about solo and modes of its production and show how ´solo´ work stands in the center of contemporary project culture.

Bojana Kunst is a philosopher, dramaturg and performance theoretician. She is a professor at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Justus Liebig University Giessen, where she is leading an international master program Choreography and Performance. She is a member of the editorial board of Maska Magazine, Amfiteater and Performance Research. Her primary research interests are the problem of the body in the contemporary performance, theatre and dance, gender studies, philosophy of the body, art and technology, art and science, theatre and dance studies, representation of contemporary identities. Her essays appear in numerous international journals and publications and she is teaching and lecturing extensively in Europe

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