bodylotion co-dance (HU)

S t e p i n T i m e   

19.00 Thursday 29. October – Dansehallerne

The piece is a duet of two female dancers focusing on capturing the invisible change in time. How do we perceive the change in a process? Is there a graspable moment?  How can we be present in the process of transformation? The piece puts shortened fragments of time into movement, building a sequence from small details.  ‘This system, no matter how controlled, can still be surprisingly associative: it “opens” and connects the problematic of action, movement and/or dance to a network of live relations. And this is done with graceful, sometimes frivolous sometimes humorous and ironic gestures, with enough self-reflexion, by reacting to momentary personal and existential situations..’ László Százados


bodylotion co-dance consists of two dancers and choreographers: Virág Arany and Júlia Hadi. They have been working together since their graduation from Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2009.bodylotion co-danceis interested in finding choreographic approaches that draw uponphilosophical dilemmas, as well as collaborating with artists from other disciplines. Besides their engagement as a collective, Virág Arany is at the moment studying ”Dance, Context, Choreography” at HZT Berlin, and both are teaching and involved in different international projects.

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