Alice Chauchat (DE/FR)

Togethering, a Group Solo

19.00 Wednesday 27. October – Dansehallerne – Lille Scene


“Togethering, a Group Solo” embraces dance as an expression, a social activity and a collective process. Presenting us with a series of proposals in which dance is both a means and an end to togetherness, it includes a lecture on speech and agreement within groups, a telepathic dance and a poetry reading. Alice Chauchat shares some aspects of the collective imagination she practiced over the past 15 years in the field of dance and choreography. They are stories about co-existing and about sharing. While remaining in their formal territories (spectators watching, dancer dancing), performer and audience share roles:assistant, companion, collaborator or host, as protagonists of the theatrical event. Considering our shared time/space both as a reality and as a projection space for other occasions of coming-together, it is an invitation to address those occasions as experiments that are each time re-formulated and that we invent together.


In our WAW-team we talk a lot about money and time. This year we challengeour own materialist dogmatism when choreographer Alice Chauchat performs “Togethering, a Group Solo”: first of all, a solo in a group-festival! Secondly, she proposes unconditional togetherness: a way of hosting without the expectation to be paid. This philosophical model doesn’t count hours, assign authorship, nor negotiate salaries. Chauchat’s unconditional togetherness is a model, which is not applicable on other (or any?) fields: it is useless as export out of the arts.Alice Chauchat lives in Berlin and works as a choreographer, performer, teacher, editor and other activities related to choreography. She created performances in collaboration with a.o. Louise Trueheart, Anne Juren, Frédéric Gies, Alix Eynaudi and performed with a.o. Jennifer Lacey, Xavier le Roy, and Marten Spangberg. She has been working mostly in collaborative set-ups, developing numerous choreographic projects and platforms for knowledge production and exchange in the performing arts (,, praticable etc.). In 2010-2012 she was in the artistic co-direction for Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, a center for artistic research in the Parisian suburbs.


Dance, text, performance: Alice Chauchat

Production: Alice Chauchat, with the support of the Theaterschool (Amsterdam)

Thanks to Eva Meyer-Keller, TheaterHaus Mitte (Berlin) and Eden studios (Berlin) for giving me access to their spaces. I also want to express my gratitude to the colleagues and friends who joined and nourished this process by dancing and talking with me over the last 18 months: Yves, Michael, Michelle, Günther, Sher, Jeroen, Velvet, Siegmar, Cécile, Christine, Alix, Peter, Dave, Eva, Jennifer, Silke, Ellen, Anne, Valentina, Mark, Keith, Mårten, Philippe, Raimundas, Arielle, Angela, Doug, Sara, Catarina, Ellen, Janine, Gabi, Méheli, Sarah, Thea, Sara, Mattew, Asher, Agata, Joséphine, Katharina, Rosalind, Roni, Laurie, Uri, Louise, Julia, Asaf, Xenia, Hana, Ana, Jennifer, Anne, Sonia, Elise, Alice, Zinzi, Mor, Sandhya, Stina, Agne, Leah, Antonia, Antonija, Selene, Ines, Hamish, Nicola, Amaara, Seke, Tatiana, Naomi, Martin, Cristina, Karen, Tina, David, Jamie, Kathy, Carolyn, Janine, Monique, Romany, Sophie, Andrew, Jonathan, Helka, Catherine, Meg, Greg, Eroca, David, Nichole, Patricia, Rebecca, Gabrielle, Thomas, Annie, Loren, Mairi, Tina, Meryeum, Oriah, Lo, Miruna, Ara, Amelia, Robert, Amanda, Lee, Simon, Dana, Emi, Robert, Anne, Robyn, Emma, as well as all the other, former companions whose stories I tell like fables. This work wouldn’t exist without you.


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