WORKS AT WORK: group works
27-29 & 31 October 2016

International performance festival with artists, philosophers, students and other workers

Are performance groups models of radical aesthetics or radical self-management? Can collective labor be a strategic, structural model for better workers rights, or rather a guarantee of too many and too low fees? And what if we don’t choose our collaborators or neighbors voluntarily: can “we” be strong in our common weakness? “Group works” is the grand finale of three international festivals in the series WORKS AT WORK investigating artistic labor as a form of life. Looking at the changes of continuous, collective work of performance groups and activist movements since the late 70s, we ask ourselves: what is the reason for grouping together today? Accepting that teamwork is an obligatory, yet temporary model in all kinds of organizations, we examine the production of aesthetics and look for solidary acts. WORKS AT WORK has invited renowned artists and thinkers who each have developed a particular, continuous group practice, where issues like belonging, authorship, plurality and negotiation of power find their way on stage.

The festival is thought as an international contribution to the Scandinavian performing arts debate, but with its extended symposium “Group works? On Feminism, Friendship and Borderlessness” also a proposal into a broader discourse on radical democracy and the production of commons.

SUPPORTED BY: Danish Arts Foundation, the City of Copenhagen Performing Arts Committee, Kulturkontakt Nord IN COOPERATION WITH: Dansehallerne, Goethe-Institut Dänemark, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Visual Arts, The Association of Danish Stage Directors, Danish Actors’ Association, Independent Choreographers, Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin, Institute for Applied Theatre Studies Giessen, University of Copenhagen, DANSEatelier, Copenhagen Distillery.


Artistic Director Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt | Dramaturge Ida-Elisabeth Larsen | Festival Coordinator Kir Quortrup | Head of Press and Communications Karen Toftegaard | Visual Design and Documentation Søren Meisner | Administration Jens Christian Jensen / Projektcentret | Technical Coordinator David Nicholas Abad | Technician Martin Danielsen | Website Sam Moore | Local Assistant Forced Entertainment Hanna Westling | Assistant Festival Coordinator Anemone Schmidt | Writer-in-Residence Naja Lee Jensen | Print Eks-Skolens Trykkeri ApS








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