International performance festival with artist duos, thinkers, students and other workers

duo works is the second of three international festivals in the series WORKS AT WORK where artistic work as a life form is examined. duo works focuses on the relational aspect of creating art works as well as cross-medial and cultural encounters. Whereas the first festival focused on solo performances investigating the solo artist’s schism in being employer as well as employee, the second festival, duo works, thematises the artistic potential of collaboration as well as its social challenges.

What is it that drives duo-collaborations forward and what binds the two individuals together? Is it a symbiosis, a twin-aspect, the synchronicity in the practice of two individuals? Or is it the fighting, the antagonism, the competition between the two that informs the work dynamics and expressions?

WORKS AT WORK has invited renowned artists with a particular duo practice, where issues like friendship, antagonism, authorship and share-economies find their way on stage. The festival is thought as an international contribution to the Scandinavian performing arts debate, but also to a broader discourse on competition, the dissolving of individuality and love.

Danish Arts Foundation, the City of Copenhagen Performing Arts Committee

Dansehallerne, Inkonst Malmö, Goethe-Institut Dänemark, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Danish Actors’ Association, Independent Choreographers, Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin, Institute for Applied Theatre Studies Giessen