I attend if you do

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In the short, nightly questions, I practice in becoming


Not spoken, neither will they be


I clear the ground by filling it

I don’t say I give it up, but what is need to is yours

I am all,

Are you?


Let’s do it without

To hand over, would you ever

For what is need to be

… is that ethical?


I can take that

Here, in front of

It is not about not striking

A taking part, without using

When we make place without taking it, is that it becomes collective? But for what use …


For the sake of the surrounding



Building a wall to continue failing, to survive living inside it

I can tell you, it is a numb

The wall

As well as the interview, two-sided

A directed void of old interactions

In-between question and answer, could you please come back when you have left the room?

In there

A wall to be written on, in

Never loud

Waiting without asking for


Att svälja det stumma

Jag lovar

A promise a gift a threat a singing monologue


En gåva


Shooting opinions, isn’t it smashing


Don’t make your life so hard – take another turn, have a look: att se är inte att tala


Låt det snurra ett varv till

Med dig själv i mitten; undo the autonomous och sjung till varandra


Passing through what architecture constitutes



If whales had guns, or an aesthetical objective

they would take over


That question


Are you a whale?

You have such a special way of singing

You must be a whale

A stuffed animal

Yes, you are a whale

Open for public only on the Election Day

In Swedish that is a joke

Otherwise it is an entering of a mouth

A sort of unconscious, political chewing

Did you know that this is why we have the chewing gum?

To never chose is a constant loosing, a spitting of a substance

Intended for chewing but not swallowing

3000 years in the belly of the whale

Chicle (a natural latex)

Synthetic rubber (cheaper to manufacture)

A passive confirmation is constituted in there

You are


Aren’t you?

Composed of many repeated subunits

In the belly of the whale you cannot spit


Recycling, recycling, recycling


Make it elsewhere

Se dig om efter närmsta nödhammare, nästa nödhammare

I am rethinking the community




You cannot spit in here

You cannot speak in here

Come in


We are transforming it to the one who will enter


I attend if you do