I am not here

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rencontrer  – to meet

raconter – to (re)tell

My name is Frida Sandström and I am not here, but my writings are. In connection to Works at work I will work on the situation of being and trying to become through writing. What is it to be told that haven’t yet taken place? What is taking place in the retelling and who is actually becoming?

I am an artist and a writer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. In my practice, I investigate the interaction usually called “communication” or more specifically “conversation”, and how the practice of this create a sort of common environment. Is it even possible to participate in what it is retold without remaking it, and how to mediate one’s being on the outside and the inside of the happening? Can one tear off the skin of time and collect someone else’s skin to cover oneself in, simultaneously? What is then, the soothing balm sinking into our bodies so that we can continue moving without fissure? If not the interaction is the actual fissure.

During Works at work I will be present and absent by writing, and by what is being read.



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Ask some/body, who is not about to leave, to tell

Ask this some/body to explain the leaving while staying

Ask some/body, who allready left, to summarize

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Explain where you are going and when. Do also explain how you will find it at this certain space in that certain amount of time that you intend to stay there. Finish with describing how you will leave.



Tell me how you will get there

Tell me what there is to find, that makes you go there

Tell me, then, what will be your next step

Tell me how to take this step from the first place to the second

Tell me what will be left at the first place

Tell me what you will take with you to the next one

Tell me where the next visit takes place

Tell me what it includes

Tell me who is included in it

Tell me who, if anyone does, marks the start of the visit

Tell me who ends it, if it does have an end and if the previous visit did

Tell me how to know that a visit has taken place

That it will take place

Tell me what will take place